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How to Run Meetings that Build Public Support

Hello Everyone, welcome to my new blog!

As some of you know, I've been working on a book that helps government and other leaders build support for their work by running better public meetings that engage the public in co-creative conversation. The book is at the publisher, so now it's time for me to build an online community of practice around this material. (Blog continued below image.)

The book's original title was "Rehumanizing Public Conversation" because people working on public issues often see each other as caricatures rather than human beings: the dishonest politician; the cynical, angry resident; the one-issue advocate. When we see others as caricatures, attacking each other is easy and building public support near impossible.

The book and this blog will help public leaders design and facilitate meetings that both rehumanize people and humanize the process so people can civilly and authentically work together on solutions.

I've heard that few busy leaders will pick up a book (or click on a link) titled "Rehumanizing Public Conversation," which sounds academic and pie-in-the-sky. My book is actually "a very useful approach, a true practicum for leaders" (according to John Pepper, former CEO of Procter & Gamble), full of strategies for running a wide variety of public meetings. So the new title for both book and blog will be to the point: How to Run Public Meetings that Build Public Support.

My posts will illuminate concepts from the book by applying them to current issues. My goal is to make these strategies as practical as possible, which happens best through anecdotes, story telling, and application of the material to real situations. If you have questions or comments, please let me know, because learning together will help all of us better engage and build the support of an angry public.

Thank you for reading this introductory blog post.

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