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Ombudsman Service

Healing Relationships, Solving Problems – Discreetly


Do you have…

  • Conflicts between staff and clients that

        need a neutral person to resolve?

  • Staff discontent or a toxic culture that

        you don’t have time to address?

  • Problems you want resolved discreetly

        before they become public?

Jeffrey L. Stec, J.D. – lawyer, certified mediator, and master community engagement facilitator – offers an “outsourced ombudsman” service to governments, school districts and public institutions who need to solve problems quietly “in-house” before they become PR nightmares.  Mr. Stec combines traditional mediation tactics with methods from his acclaimed “community conversations” to re-humanize antagonists, understand motivations and creatively solve disputes. 

People support solutions that they co-create.  As an ombudsman, Mr. Stec builds a relational bridge so that ideas come from the parties, who are then more likely to find solutions they embrace – whether the dispute is between individuals, between an individual and a group, or between groups.  In the end, Mr. Stec’s process heals the underlying relationship, which transforms former adversaries into partners who have the capacity to work through future disagreements.

And Mr. Stec’s service won’t break your budget, because although he’s a former practicing attorney, he doesn’t charge like a lawyer, with reasonable hourly rates or flat fees that take the financial sting out of dispute resolution.


For a free consultation, please contact:

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Jeffrey L. Stec, J.D.

664 Enright Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45205

513-235-3068 (m)

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